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Country Store

Enjoy Shopping at Your Humboldt Country Store

We have more than just feed for your pets.

We have Lodge Cast Iron Cookware, Muck Boots, XtraTuf Boots, All Natural Sheepskins,  pet supplies for horses, cattle, sheep, goats, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, swine, poultry, birds, etc.

We even carry some human food. Our seasonal produce is always fresh (oranges, watermelons, kiwis, pomelo’s, mandarins, walnuts, etc…just to name a few. Come see us and visit.


Our Humboldt County Farm Store Has What You Need for Your Farm Animals and Pets

We are a locally owned family business serving the North coast since 1995.  We have a wide variety of customers and we strive to fulfill everyone’s needs.  Whether you are a wholesale or retail customer, 3G’s Hay and Grain will serve you.

We are a growing business and expanding every year, offering many different farm products at great prices.  We carry a large inventory of hay and grains for animals ranging from guinea pigs and rabbits to horses and cattle. We also carry salts and minerals for various animals.

See our Humboldt Garden Supplies Too!

We carry the things you need for the farm, yard, and house.  This includes a large inventory of fencing supplies, soils and amendments, as well as stove pellets.

Enjoy Shopping at Your Humboldt Country Store

We have a number of items for the home and garden such as cast iron cookware and pet supplies — we even carry seasonal farm fresh produce.

Experience Our Friendly Customer Service

We welcome questions about farm products, animal needs, gardening, and farm home products.  Deliveries are available upon request.  3G’s Hay and Grain takes pride in excellent customer service.  For any questions or details please stop by our store, or call us.


Our specials change from month to month.

July Specials:

15% off Wildbird Seed 40#


Bird Feeders






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