Country Store

Welcome to our Country Store!


Cast Iron Cook Ware


We can supply you with cast iron dutch ovens for your needs in the home or out camping.









Check out the rest of the cast iron cook ware:

Frying pans, Grills, Muffin and Corn Bread Sheets, Skillets and much more...






Electric Fencing


Electric wire, Fence Energizers, Insulators, and more.

We have the supplies to keep out little animals such as rabbits or the neighbors dog, to keeping in cattle or horses.






Pet Supplies


Dog and cat collars and leashes as well as grooming supplies and flea and tick treatment.








Come on in to this Humboldt Country Store and check things out.  We offer much more than what is shown here.  Things like bird feeders, chicken feeders, pet food (ex: rabbits and guinea pigs), and cat and dog treats.  We even carry some human food.  Usually, seasonal fruits and vegtables (oranges, watermelons, kiwis and advocados), just to name a few.  Also, there are samples on the front counter to taste before you make your big purchase on the farm fresh produce.  Come and visit.

Phone: (707) 826-9537